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961 Isom Rd. 

San Antonio, TX 78216

2020 Summer Camps

June 8-12

June 15-19

August 3-7

August 10-14

Designed for ALL levels, ages 6+ 

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Welcome to Alamo Fencing Academy

Alamo Fencing Academy is a family oriented fencing school, fencing gym, fencing club and fencing center for fencers of all ages and experience. 

That is the beauty of fencing - it is never too early or too late to start! 

Families can learn the amazing sport all together. Kids, mothers and fathers, and even grandparents. 

The sport is ageless - and a wonderful activity for all ages. 

It is called physical chess - for its combination of mind and body - physical and mental. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people fall in love with the sport of fencing!

Success only comes if the fencers are happy.

We provide World-Class training for all - but we also provide a gym where kids can be happy.

The Alamo Fencing Academy is a fencing family - not just a fencing gym.



Welcome to Alamo Fencing Academy to try your first fencing class with us! Come in and try out the fencing school. New fencers will learn from the coaches as well as from other fencers at our fencing gym. Get ready for a great work out and lots of fun! The fencing class is filled with lots of different physical activities, exercises and games to improve strength, speed, coordination, endurance, flexibility - and most importantly CONFIDENCE! COME TRY A CLASS - TODAY!


Our competitive fencers train very hard to have the success they have. We have over 100 fencers who have achieved national and international podium finishes. Many students practice 4-5 times per week, 3-4 hours per day. It is the hard work and determination of fencers, coaches and parents combined that make successful athletes. However, our classes are not divided by age or level. We strongly believe in the system of teaching each other - leading each other. In our classes you will see beginners and advanced fencers working together - and greatly benefiting from that. The new fencers learn from the advanced fencers and the advanced fencers learn great leadership skills and teaching skills. 

Fencin​g For FUN! 

We have many competitive fencers, but we also have many recreational fencers! Fencing is a very fun sport! Where else do you get to stab your friends and not get in trouble?! However - BE PREPARED! The workouts are NOT easy! We keep them fun and enjoyable - but we make sure everyone stays fit and strong! 

Many of our fencers are recreational and just do it for fun! It is a great way to stay in shape, have fun and learn a very cool sport.

Whatever you want from fencing - WE GOT IT!