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We have changed our CLASS schedule to make our classes SMALLER and KEEP EVERYONE SAFE! 

All athletes must wear FACE MASK! Coaches must wear FACE MASK! Parents are encouraged to stay outside, if entering, must WEAR FACE MASK! 

We have all sanitizing, disinfecting and cleaning supplies. 

Athletes and coaches maintain social distancing and sanitize/wash hands/ spray down equipment! 

Classes are 3 hours long 
Monday-Thursday 5:30-8:30 PM
4 Hours Long 

Saturday 10 AM -2 PM


Text Oksana to SCHEDULE YOUR CLASS TODAY! 2102606611 

We can also make PRIVATE or Semi-Private family classes.

1+ athletes of any age 6+ 

Prices VARY! 

Register for COVID 19 Classes! 

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Please message us if you are interested in trying a CLASS! 


5:30-8:30 PM 


10 AM - 2 PM

Individual Private and Semi-Private FAMILY classes also Available - if you would like for them to fence but not be around anyone else. 


Our fencing classes are geared towards improving our athletes. The classes include many different activities. The activities are designed to improve strength, speed, coordination, agility, endurance, flexibility and much more in all of our fencers. The classes are versatile, challenging and FUN! Teaching our fencers to be great athletes is our priority. Building their character and confidence is a key objective. With each day as they become stronger and better fencers - they are also becoming better people. 

Our coaches have designed group classes that help every fencer in their own way. Not only do the coaches teach students, but the students also teach other. This way the advanced students learn how to lead and teach, but are also learning fencing technique through the method of teaching. Our classes are rigorous - but are well suited for all ages and experience. If needed, we will break up the class - by ability. Everyone will fit in and understand all of the instructions. 

Schedule Of Classes


4:00-7:00 Private Lessons

5:30-7:00 Group Class

7:00-8:30 Open Fencing


4:00-7:00 Private Lessons

5:30-7:00 Group Class

7:00-8:30 Open Fencing


4:00-7:00 Private Lessons

5:30-7:00 Group Class

7:00-8:30 Open Fencing


4:00-7:00 Private Lessons

5:30-7:00 Group Class

7:00-8:30 Open Fencing


8:30 Start Of Private Lessons

10:00-2:00 Group Class and Fencing

View full class schedule and pricing here.


Registration Form Can Be Found Here.

Please Print and Bring with You. One per family.

Registration Form

Membership Information can be found HERE! 


Want YOUR OWN Class?

Have 6 or more fencers? Want your own personal class? We can do that!

Whether a family, coworkers, home school group, group of parents - we can start a class JUST FOR YOU.


Team Building for your OFFICE! Homeschool Sports Class! Parents and Kids Class - Family Class! Young Kids Class 3-5 Y.O. and SO MUCH MORE!!! 

Our gym is OURS and we can schedule classes at any convenient time for you.

Contact us TODAY for more information.

Classes at AFA

Youtube video thumbnail

Coordination and Speed Workout

One of the activities we do at Alamo Fencing Academy. Great workout, challenging but very fun!

Youtube video thumbnail

Strength and Agility Workout

More workouts that we do at Alamo Fencing Academy. Great workout for everyone!

Youtube video thumbnail

Fencing at Alamo Fencing Academy

Once again - you can see many different levels and ages fencing together. We do not separate by age or level. Everyone can learn from each other - and most importantly everyone can teach and lead each other.

Youtube video thumbnail

Coordination Workout

More workouts that we do at Alamo Fencing Academy. Great workout for everyone! Relay races can be a good addition to a class - because of the competitiveness. Many people will perform great when others depend on them! Though fencing is an individual sport, we do teach a lot of team work and team support.